Sa Tanqueta de Baix

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The commission for the construction of a multi-family building composed of 25 houses of high standing is received from the developer. A visit to the site was made; it is located between two roads and facing a third, which is yet to be built, and which will be part of the project.

The topography traverses an incline, with a grade of seven meters. Taking this into consideration, it is decided to divide the structure proposed into seven cubes with each absorbing one meter of altitude, thus leaving the building perfectly adapted to the terrain.

Having completed this first exercise in adaptability, two housing designs developed, one that is 100 square meters with two bedrooms and the other, developed in duplex form, that is 180 square meters and three bedrooms. Both are designed with the same premise.

In this way, each dwelling shares a generative space composed of a garden, which allows for life to unfold around it. Access to natural light, which comes along with this green space, has the effect of situating the previously mentioned structures in such a way that the light accesses each and every one of them.

The entrances are located in the interior of the block, an area in which is landscaped with vegetation. Within this are constructed three wooden structures, which serve as nuclei of communication. Out of these structures run a few connecting paths, in the form of walkways, which lead directly to the entrances of the residences.

For all of this, we will employ a dry and prefabricated construction technique, made entirely of wood, in order to create a building composed of sustainable materials.

Concept Design

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