Our Work Process

We work with a specific methodology to help our clients in all the process and questions that involve building a house. Transparency is key for our studio that’s why we always look to explain each detail and step in the journey.

Our Work Process

First steps

In the website you will see a form, which you must fill in. This will allow us to open a dossier for you. Once we receive this document, we will contact you by e-mail to make a first appointment to know more about your project. After this appointment, we will evaluate the project and contact you for a meeting with the architect. Once we’ve done the kick off meeting, we will send you a proposal of architectural fees adapted to your particular case. If you accept the architectural fee offer, we will proceed to formalize the job by signing a professional services lease contract.

The Concept DESIGN deserves a special place in our studio.

For us no two projects are the same since our designs are deeply Linked to the Place.

We understand architecture as a Balance of Forces.

A dialogue between the new and the existing.

concept design

From our studio we approach the place as if it were a newborn, with the delicacy of knowing that we are new in an existing atmosphere, without making noise, observing the light, the wind, the vegetation, the orography, the existing buildings, the way to access, ….

Building license and execution

Once the concept design is presented, we will start with all the work to get the building license and start the construction.

Do you have a project in mind?

The 4 phases of your project


ARCHITECTURAL CONCEPT: In this first phase our team starts working on a document composed of all graphic and written documentation that allows defining the global aspects of the architectural concept. This document is the starting point of each project.


BASIC PROJECT: Phase in which the fundamental aspects and characteristics of the work are exposed: functional, formal, constructive and economic, with the purpose of providing a first global image and to establish a budget advance. Its content is sufficient to request the municipal license or other administrative authorizations, but insufficient to carry out the materialization of the project.


EXECUTION DRAFT: In this phase the team works in the development of the basic project with the execution draft. This document contains the design and representation of the technical solutions of the project, detailed plans, technical annexes, detailed specifications, temporary programming of the execution of the project, detailed budget, signature of the author and collegiate visa.


CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT: consists of periodic visits to the construction site, in execution, with the objective of assisting the builder to certify the good construction. On the other hand, all the necessary documentation for this purpose will be drafted, being usual the construction details, material samples, …

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