Radial House

Radial House

Radial House

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The developer provides us with the commission for the design of a single-family home. It concerns an area made up of four platforms on different levels, flat, with distinct shapes and sizes.

It is precisely the size of the platforms that allows for the definition of the location of the home. One of them is located at the centre, is of a more “manageable” scale, for which reason it is decided to build on it.

Keeping in mind the existence of four nearby buildings, a house is constructed whose views will not be interrupted by these, conferring on the projected home a solitary character in the midst of the Ibizan countryside.
To this end, two clearly distinguished facades are created.

The southern, and the more impactful, is made up of two cubes, each with one end open on one side to absorb natural light.

The northern has subtler boundaries, thus allowing the natural world to penetrate into the interior of the home, extending its walls to guide, at the same time, its views in the appropriate direction.

The spaces are organized along a central corridor, with cross-sectional views toward the exterior between the space generated by the structures that form the usable spaces.

Finally, there is the swimming pool, facing the southern facade and inviting the planting of a tree to create and moderate the view from the back.

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