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The term sybarite is linked to the inhabitants of the Magna Graecia city of Sybaris, which was destroyed circa 510 BC. The city’s dwellers were known for their good manners and refined taste.

While Sybaris is no longer standing, should we envisage its reconstruction, it would certainly be undertaken using modern-day criteria sustained upon the pillars of respect towards nature and the environment, art, cuisine and love.

By uniting all the aforementioned ingredients into a single space, Es Bosc Basoa seeks to submerge itself into this exercise.

Inspired by the agricultural city designed by Kisho Korokawa (1934 – 2007), architecture and art come together to generate a building complex organised by means of a structural mesh (the mesh) that transports visitors to a unique, singular atmosphere.

Ever present, nature interacts with the edification through the intermediate space that appears – the inhabited window –, binding them as an indivisible group.

Due to primarily using wood, which is the quintessential sustainable material, the building itself is made using nature.

Wellbeing is key, so cuisine and sport are used to reinvigorate visitors, creating an experience they will want to repeat.

The key to success is to work with love, a final ingredient that gels the others together.

Concept Design

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