Casa entre bancales

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The idea behind this single-family home project is none other than blending in with the surroundings. Its location presents us with a terrain of steep slopes forming a natural staircase facing a stunning view. The point of implementation selected is the space between the two highest terraces, an unevenness that presents an opportunity for the house to become embedded in nature itself.

Concealed in the terrain, its main façade reveals a discreet white sheet that beckons us to discover what’s inside while failing to reveal the actual scale of the project. Beyond the sheet, the space opens up entirely. We find ourselves in the upper terrace – the daytime area’s main atrium. The common areas in this space boast impressive visuals and light inlets, all organised within a sequence that gradually reveals the swimming pool, which crowns the atrium to the south. From this very atrium, we may observe the night-time area from above, its long fingers unfolding on a quest to reveal the second terrace, creating a large outside space above the view.

In contrast with the sensation created by the atrium, the ground floor submerges us in the house’s intimacy by means of a reinforced concrete foyer that advances in contact with the terrain and where the space closes up and light inputs are scarce, sharp. The room’s bodies are embedded in the long fingers reaching out to the next terrace, once again framing the view, through intimately on this occasion.

Concept Design

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