Casa Atrio

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The developer commissioned the building of an elegant, contemporary home.

Once the visit to the location was carried out, it was identified that the terrain’s lines were predominantly flat, structured across different planes and heights and connected by means of extremely steep gradients covering drops of approximately 3m each. Taking this into account, it was decided that the home should be placed near one of them, with its back to the only existing terrace.

Therefore, the project’s design is set in the midst of great visuals that are predominantly generated in the front-facing section and enhanced thanks to the level changes, and the more intimate, enclosed ones are to be found at the back due to the existence of the terrace. In this way, an atrium of sorts is created, giving the home’s more public spaces – the kitchen, dining room and living room – great visuals and light sources. Within these spaces, a fourth one is generated with the others arranged around it, an outside bench that is located below ground floor level, in the centre of the atrium.

In turn, the bedrooms are located opposite the terrace, which gives them intimacy.

The swimming pool is levelled with the adjoining plot of land and falls below the home’s surface level, which allows for a diagonal view of the water’s surface from the atrium.

Concept Design

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